My References

I have excellent references for you to view when you visit me. Here are some quotes from them: "
2My child has been in Jane's full-time care from the age of six months to nearly three years and during this time has grown into a happy and confident little girl. Jane has played a huge part in her development in that she has given my child guidence in manners, play, sharing and of course her loving care. I cannot stress enough how I would not hesitate to recommend Jane as a childminder and have found her to be extremely competent, conscientious and trustworthy. I would have 100% confidence that she would be able to offer any child in her care everything that is required and more.

"We have found Jane to be an extremely capable individual. She is caring and nurturing but instilled good discipline in our daughter and has a great sense of fun. She has a wide breadth of experience in looking after children and always made us feel confident in her ability to look after and care for our daughter. This was important to us because our daughter is our first child and Jane was our first experience of child care. Jane is excellent at planning activities for the children, with daily activities such as playgroups and crafts. She also takes the children on a wide range of activities and visits throughout the holidays. Jane bonded extremely well with our daughter. She was always happy to be dropped off in the morning."

"You recieved 'top marks' in your Ofsted inspection, which really didn't surprise me. If there were a degree in childminding then you'd pass with distinction! When I was originally searching for a childminder, I interviewed many, but none felt 'right'. I couldn't believe my luck when I met you. My intuition told me that you were just perfect and you have well exceeded my expectations! The boys have had some fantastic times with you and I know that they will miss you dearly. I am convinced that there are very few childminders who would make the effort to do all the things you have done with the boys, such as visits to the seaside/swimming pool/fishing expeditions/trips to Legoland/parks etc. etc! I don't know where you find the energy! I would highly recommend you to any prospective family."

"Jane has been minding my daughter for the past nineteen months and I have found her to be extremely reliable and trustworthy. At no time has my daughter not wanted to stay with Jane and I have left for work every morning knowing that she is in a caring and safe environment. If I was staying in the area I would not hesitate to leave my daughter with Jane until it was time for her to go to school as I know just being around Jane's children and also the other children she looks after has benefited her enormously and I know she is fond of all of them. I have found Jane's home to always be a pleasant environment and the toys and learning tools to be in excellent condition. Jane has taken my daughter on various days out where I know and feel confident that she has been well supervised and had a lot of fun."

"While my son has been in Jane's care I have been able to go to work relaxed, knowing that he was safe and well cared for. My son has developed a close bond with Jane, and I have been able to discuss with her his progress and care on a daily basis."

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Jane to look after your children. I was more than satisfied with everything she did with my daughter and all the advice Jane gave me as a first time mother. Please look no further."

"I cannot thank you enough for all your surpport over the last two years. I could not have wished for a more professional, caring and dedicated cover. I will miss you and your family as much as the boys will. We would all very much like to remain in touch and I am sure you will want to ensure all your hard work in the boys upbringing is maintained. Heartfelt thanks."

"Jane has been responsible for the welfare of my children on a full-time basis for two years. During that time Jane has provided a safe and clean environment. Her professional outlook on her role as cover ensures the children get involved in different play activities, recieve a well-balanced diet and best practices i.e. sitting at the table for meals. However, the most important quality Jane posesses is her ability to provide a happy and loving home where my children have always felt part of the family as well as an individual. During their time with Jane my children have grown from toddlers to school age. At all times Jane supported and organised their activities and provided me with 100% reliability and support. My advice to you would be - Look no further!"

"The quality and standards of the care are outstanding. The registered person meets the National Standards for under 8s day care and childminding. Children benefit from an extremely well-designed, totally child-orientated environment in which they can be fully supervised at all times. Children's safety and security is given optimum priority. Children play in rooms which have been fully scrutinised for any potential dangers and a comprehensive risk assessment is undertaken to identify any hazards. Children play with an extensive range of high quality toys and resources, all of which are checked regularly to ensure they are safe for children to use. Sleeping children are monitored closely to ensure their safety and welfare at all times. Children have extensive opportunities to participate in a stimulating, fun and diverse range of play opportunities. They undertake numerous outings to the seaside, farm, park, toddler group and soft play centre, which broaden their experiences and enable them to socialise with other children. The childminder provides an extremely fun, relaxed and vibrant atmosphere, enabling children to enjoy themselves, make new friends and feel settled and secure. Children engage in many purposeful activities, enabling them to be highly stimulated and confident in the childminder's care. Children form very strong relationships with the childminder and enjoy close interaction. Young children successfully make their needs understood through gestures and sounds, which the childminder responds positively to, demonstrating a clear understanding of their differing needs. The children's learning is constantly extended by the childminder's skill of questioning and talking to them about the activities they are engaged in. Children enjoy close and loving relationships with the childminder. She engages in play with them and enjoys their company. The organisation is outstanding. Children benefit from being cared for by a qualified and experienced person who is committed to attending childcare training and development courses. She has, and continues to undertake, appropriate training to enhance her existing meticulous practice and enthusiastic knowledge, thus enabling her to provide high quality childcare." Ofsted

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